I have been doing business with Collection Services, Inc. for more than 30 years and they have delivered top quality service to all my clients.
   All of our contact with CSI is handled in a very professional manner.  One of the things we enjoy most about using CSI as a collection vendor is that we do not receive consumer complaints about their method of collecting.
   CSI is efficient in their collections and they give us outstanding service. We look forward to many more years of using them as a vendor.
   I highly recommend CSI for bad debt collection.

                                                            Sandra, Pensacola FL

   It has been our pleasure to have Collection Services, Inc taking care of our bad debt collections for over 20 years.
On more than one occasion, we have measured CSI's results against other agencies. CSI has consistently delivered excellent results.
   Another area that sets CSI apart from others is their customer service. They have a proven record of collecting bad debt while treating our patients with respect. In the very few instances that we have received negative feedback about CSI from one of our patients, CSI's response and resolution has always been immediate and professional.
   Rarely does a vendor understand and remain so committed to such a mutually beneficial relationship. CSI operates as a true partner. CSI also provides reports through their website, and they are always able to accommodate any of our requests for special information in a timely manner.

                                                            Michelle, Pensacola FL

   CSI has provided us with bad debt collections since January of 2005.
   We are very pleased with the results that CSI has given us. Our accounts are transferred to them electronically, and we receive monthly payments and reports from them.
   We have never had a patient complaint about about their treatment from CSI. The only complaints we have found are usually pertaining to billing insurance/co-pay issues. They understand healthcare receivables and we have a most satisfactory relationship with them.
I would highly recommend CSI to any healthcare organization.

                                                            Linda, Pace FL

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